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Seth helped my fiancée and I after we had exhausted other options and were facing what appeared to us as insurmountable odds. Our health, mental and emotional states were under siege. He clearly saw and communicated the problem and why we were unable to resolve it. He stepped in to resolve the immediate issue, and went above and beyond in giving us the space we needed to put in place the techniques to start the healing process. Help is available. You have come to the right place.

 - Alex, Client

The Way of the Ancients has a unique but effective teaching style in my experience. I remember when I first joined, I was very naïve and immature, not really knowing who I was and what I wanted in life. Basically, I was just living day to day not really caring where my life went. However, after being a member for a while and being taught, I noticed that I was slowly changing in how I saw the world and myself. I knew I had to change if I wanted a life better than I was living. And through my interactions with everyone, I learned that the lessons you received were often what you needed to hear at that time. I know that through this time that I’ve been a-part of this, I have changed a lot. And in my opinion, it’s been for the better. I’ve grown up a lot and am much more driven than I have ever been previously in my life.

 - Weylin, Apprentice

Since becoming an apprentice of Seth, his teachings have completely transformed me. His in depth knowledge and one on one guidance have helped me pave the way to a healing inside myself I didn’t think I would achieve in this lifetime. I am beyond grateful for his patience and willing to work with me on bettering myself and strengthening myself magickally. Thank you Seth for your wisdom, and I am excited about continuing my magickal journey forward.

 - Sarah, Apprentice

In my time with Seth, I have found myself surprised time and time again by the direct and open approach he takes to teaching and general interaction. As we all know within the spiritualist community, those with answers and experience rarely ever are open with sharing them and those that do too often take a predatory and exploitive stance. I have been around the block in the spiritual community and Seth is the first experienced person I have met who truly cares about the betterment of his students without looking to gain anything personally. Beyond that, the techniques that Seth produces are founded upon deep and holistic understanding of thousands of years of philosophic and magickal foundation. These come together to produce techniques that work, and work well. They leave a practitioner not only successful in their work but better in personality, attitude, capability, and confidence than when they started. In my time with him, Seth has been an exclusively positive influence on my life and my practice.

 - Sophie G, Apprentice

I have received multiple tarot readings from Amaris, from single card draws to multiple deck readings that combined tarot and oracle decks. She has given me great insight into events in my life where I was not able to perceive the root of my struggles myself. Amaris has also given me excellent guidance on how to alter the path I was on to create a better, happier, and healthier future for myself. I love the detailed write ups she gives with her readings and how she really explains the meaning of the cards in the position she drew them. This was completely new to me as all tarot readings I have received other places have never provided me with such detail before and i have certainly never been given a write up before. If you're looking for a great informative tarot reading I would highly recommend the Way of the Ancients and Amaris!

 - Caroline, Client

Having received a Feng Shui guidance from Alethia, I could not be happier with the results. Her instructions are clear and precise, providing actionable steps to be taken to harness the beneficial energies flowing through your home that year. In addition, and more importantly, she also details the methods of alleviating or containing the detrimental energies of similar vein. She provides the means by which you can both maximize the benefit and cure the unfavorable - allowing your home to enter a state of harmony. Without the order of this guidance, your home may be as mine was, a sliding descent of entropy, descending into chaos and promoting feelings of disjoint and panic. When one is mindful of the flow of its energy, one can understand the place in the great cycle and find peace within. Heed her instructions, and you will see the improvements for yourself. In my case, I sleep easier as I have rebalanced the flow within my bedroom to allow for peace. I wish you the same benefits and more, and recommend Alethia whole-heartedly.

 - J.S, Client

 - K.P., Client

I have received both chakra and meridian healings from Alethia. She was able to quickly diagnose the physical and emotional symptoms I was having and narrowed the cause down to the effected areas. The diagnosis, treatment, and follow up were professional and complete. She knew which questions to ask and which tools would efficiently take care of the blockages I had in my earth meridians. After the session for my chakra and meridian healings were complete, she gave me a list of things to watch out for and exercises or stretches that would help alleviate any natural discomfort and help speed up the healing process. I was very skeptical of this style of healing but am now a very strong believer in it’s application. I highly recommend Alethia for both her knowledge of the human energy and physical system but also her professionalism and genuine concern for her clients.

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