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  • Name: Seth​

  • Rank: Master

  • Member of the Way of the Ancients since: Founder


Seth has been in the occult for over 15 years. His main focus in the earlier years was elemental work and psionics. After being passed around by several schools (including a few LHP minor schools, the GD, the A.A., and a traditional Native American shamanic tradition), his love for magick was matched by his knowledge of the underlying theories and workings he began to distill for himself from the different cultures and practices he studied. In a fit of either desperation or nihilism, Seth attempted the Ritual of the Holy Guardian angel (long form original), and, due to his own moral failings, he failed utterly. Seth began to ransack his own mind and was unable to figure out why he could affect change externally but not affect meaningful change internally or why all the change wrought seemed to be temporary. His Masters all said the same thing: that man could not improve and his flaws were needing to be embraced and not approached with judgement. This left Seth dissatisfied at a deep level, he did not want to be his flaws. His flaws made him unhappy. He began to surmise that perhaps there was something his life was missing and he needed to find out what it was. One day, he realized that the abuse he suffered at the hands of the magick community became too much to bear and he made an attempt on his own life in desperation to end it all. He was unsuccessful but afterwards began a period of reflection, introspection and healing.

During this period he began to read the primary texts of the Ancients instead of just the magical primers and occult works published in the modern day. He was able to see a common theme, all the modern magick was based on ancient principles which had been muddled or lost along the way. All magick seemed to flow from in the old days was the pursuit of Virtue, and not the embracing of Vice. He discovered a few key reflection, meditation and magick techniques in the old philosophy books that were either unknown to his old masters or were not properly understood. These techniques he began to synthesize into a climbing ladder of achievements, first clearing old traumas, and then building on that clean and new foundation.

This new path became the cornerstone of his new self, and this self knew that there were many out there looking for what he had been searching for and what the Ancients had given him again: Purpose. So he decided to attempt something his old masters said was impossible: To change the world. It is this drive to help others find Purpose and change each one of their worlds that has lead Seth to found The Way of the Ancients.


Seth has used Astrology (both Eastern and Western) to help people understand themselves and the different psychological triggers which affect their decision-making processes and habits. Through this process, one can find ways to alter their life for the better by stepping back and re-evaluating how they interact with the world.


Banishing is an integral part of Seth’s practice, and thus he does it every day, usually multiple times a day. A unique way in which Seth has used banishing in the past is to curb and eliminate his, as well as others, demonic oppression.


Seth has been consulting and channeling divinities for over 12 years. This includes bestowing blessings and making sacred objects. While masculine deities are his specialty, he can also provide for female deities if needed.

Chakra/Dan Tian Consultation

Seth has been working with Chakra and Dan Tians since the day he got involved with magick. As such, scanning these systems has been part of his practice since the beginning. He uses scans on himself and others regularly to locate blockages and help improve other’s practice.

Covenant Renegotiation and Sealing

Seth has been assisting others in formulating and creating their own custom covenants with Spirits, Gods or other Entities with mutually agreed upon responsibilities, compensations, and other consideration for over 10 years. He has been communicating without prejudice to a polity of Spirits from the very beginning and is learned in the social graces necessary to avoid negative relations. Seth can help renegotiate the terms of a previous covenant if both parties are agreeable. He can act as a mediator and teach you how to enforce mutually agreed upon rules on the spirit or you. Seth is a hard negotiator and will always put your interests first.


Seth prides himself on his Divination and ability to read the symbolism and signs to determine certain aspects of the past, present, and future. The client can choose from the following methods of divination: I Ching, Traditional Tarot, Oracle (Greek Mythology), Rune lots, or bibliomancy. This service can take up to a full day for complete interpretation write up but consultations are generally 1 – 3 hours depending on level of service.


Seth loves the process of Enchantment. It gives him the freedom to express himself magically and harness magick in a truly creative act bringing something miraculous into existence. Whether its something small like a lucky coin or something huge like a healing necklace, either excites his passion for the creative process. This process can take as little as a day for a lucky coin, or as much as a month for severe enchantments depending on level of service desired.

Feng Shui

Seth practices the Feng Shui through the use of subtle currents of energy through the earth. Some call these dragon lines or ley lines. By aligning your house, personal space and yard with the currents it allows a functional boost to your works. Work in harmony with Nature, not against it.


Seth started out learning healing to deal with self-inflicted psychological and spiritual illnesses, and has since moved onto helping others manage their symptoms and work towards wellness.


Seth has been summoning gods, angels, demons, nature spirits or others to answer questions or perform errands inside of his body or outside in the world itself for about 10 years. He worked initially with Goetic spirits, and went onto learn Enochian and study other classes of spirits. While he himself doesn’t prefer to use them for everything, he recognizes that they are useful in certain situations and is well equipped to handle them.


Seth has been engaged in the preparation of special gifts, or offerings for gods and spirits since he started working the local land spirits as a child. Everything from leaving special gifts for the squirrel spirits or the tree ants in the park, no spirit is too small and no god too obscure.

Shields or Home Defense Construction

Seth has many blueprints for the creation of a unique psychic and magickal defense grid that can protect you from the options below: (Neophyte: Choose 1, Adept: Choose 3, Master: All Inclusive) He has instructed other in their construction and made them manifold times in his occult career. Note: This is much more than rudimentary shield and you will get instructions on how to operate it after it is finished.

  1. Scrying or Remote Viewing

  2. Dream assault

  3. Targeted spells

  4. Possessions and Sendings (spirit attacks)

  5. Draining

  6. Energy assaults

Sigil or Seal Construction

Seth makes sigils every day, preferring the quick and slapdash method of construction from his subconscious combined with sacred geometry and a few mystic glyphs. Burn them, bury them, scatter them to the winds, Sigils make a versatile tool in any magicians’ repertoire, and Seth is happy to offer them to you.

Spell Craft

Seth’s spellcraft utilizes a variety of sigils, astral and physical energies, and other material props. With these three tools, the intent of the spell will be cast into the universe to increase the chance of success and manifestation of said goal. Seth's spell experience and success includes job security, job advancement, luck enhancement, romance spells, soul-mate spells,  manifesting discounts or other price manipulation, manifesting illusions, and many other forms of spells. This service can take up to 5 day preparation depending on the complexity of the spell. Expedited orders are accepted. The more detail and the more complex the spell, the higher the grade and the price. Some spells you may not think are worth it but perhaps challenge yourself to try it once.

Ward Construction

The creation of a unique psychic and magickal early response grid that can alert you to the presence of entities from the options below: (Neophyte: Choose 4, Adept: Choose 6, Master: All Inclusive) Note: This is much more than rudimentary shield and you will get instructions on how to operate it after it is finished.

  1. Angelic Beings

  2. Demonic Beings

  3. Void Beings

  4. Fae or other Nature Spirits

  5. Servitors or Egregore (or other man made spirits)

  6. Gods

  7. Familiars

  8. Other (your choice)

Covenant Release

If you have a previous covenant with a God, spirit or human, I can help get you released from your agreed upon terms. (Even if you did not know you made an agreement) This is an Adept or Master level only service and can take quite a long time depending on your communication of needs to me. **This is service can only be performed by Masters at the Way of the Ancients**


The casting out of a non-human or non-native human spirit from a person’s material form. This is the epitome of variable service. Low level possessions can be cured from a phone call or a sigil, mid tier as well but might require some props, and high level possessions will require a physical presence. If a high level of possession is requested, travel expenses and a retainer will be required. **This is service can only be performed by Masters at the Way of the Ancients**

Volunteer Hours:

Monday – 8pm-10pm EST

Tuesday – 8pm-10pm EST

Wednesday - 8pm-10pm EST

Thursday - 8pm-10pm EST

Friday - 8pm-10pm EST

Saturday - 8pm-10pm EST

Sunday - 8pm-10pm EST

Unique Master Level Services

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