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Blessing - Household - Master

Master level blessing for the household.

  • 1 hour
  • 90 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Master level blessings will be made on the client’s behalf for certain blessings or helpful aides from the god(dess) of their choice. All blessings will be tailored to the deity or deities in question and made with utmost sincerity and respect. Household blessings encompass the entire home of the client, including the yard and sub properties in the local area (ie. shed, guest house, separate garage). Depending on the God(ess) and details requested, this service offers protection and prosperity to your home with little upkeep of your own. It is suggested that you keep a small shrine in the locations to show respects but is not needed to obtain the desirable results. Our Masters are trained to take into account each paradigm and how to efficiently manifest and pay for the blessings upon your house. Each blessing will have a greater chance of being noticeable in your every day lives when choosing the adept level blessings. This is due to the grids they will establish in your home, so the effects of the blessings will be able to move more freely from room to room. For this level of service, we will dedicate one of our own shrines to the God(ess) of your choosing. This will increase the energy and level of blessings you will receive from your chosen God(ess). Some blessings, with regards to sacred days, may take up to two weeks to complete. The practitioner reserves the right to reject making blessings to deities at their discretion. The practitioner will bear no consequences for granted wishes or poorly worded intentions. The Way of the Ancients does not support physical, emotional, or mental harm to any living being. Any and all requests which include such actions will not be considered.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a boon, please contact us at 24 hours in advance to be elidable for a refund.

Contact Details

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