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The Tradesman Ritual Kit was created to help support the fifth ritual in The Book of the Ancients. 



Tradesman - a person engaged in trading or a trade, typically on a relatively small scale.

Covenant – 1. Noun, an agreement which brings about a relationship of commitment between God and his people. The Jewish faith is based on the biblical covenants made with Abraham, Moses, and David. 2. Verb, agree by lease, deed, or other legal contract.



The purpose of this ritual is to provide the first major change in thinking regarding gods, covenants, and worship. The relationship between humans and Gods has suffered greatly over the years, causing both parties to harbor distrust and disrespectful behavior towards each other. Every human and God have something of value to trade and when that value is given or taken without reciprocation, we begin to see a break down in the two worlds as a whole. Because of the abuse and injustices that have occurred within the occult, The Way of the Ancients believes it is of vital importance to help practitioners create beneficial and healthy relationships with Gods.


Contents of Kit:

  • Red Agate (1 Qty)
  • Seven Treasures Incense Blend (.4 oz)
  • White candle (6 inch)
  • Quartz (1 Qty)


How to use: 

The items in this kit represent a combination of the practitioner's quintessence and the fire nature of trade and commerce, the movement of assets, and the drive to build these connections.


The red agate in this kit will aid in stimulating your solar plexus chakra, which will in turn increase your drive and movement towards your goals. This is a trait you will need not only to discover what you desire in the ritual of the tradesman but also to discover what you have to offer. This stone can be used after completing the ritual successfully to support your will and internal empowerment.


The seven treasures incense blend is a custom mix of 7 different resin stones. Each scent is unique but as they come together through the transmutation of fire, they blend together to make something even more special. The slightly sweet and smokey notes are most prominent in this blend, while a slight undertone of spices comes out underneath. This blend is great for versatile offerings and trades.


This kit includes a white candle to represent your own unique energy, which is called quintessence. This energy is different for everyone and often appears colorless to most, as it is different from your aura. You can use this candle to help manifest your inner strength by running your energy through the wax as the wick burns. It is also suggested to use the flame of the candle to help aid in the meditation process, as it will help you focus and create a sympathetic link.


A quartz is included in this kit to act mainly as your own personally battery. Quartz is one of the most versatile stones any practitioner can have in their arsenal. The crystalline structure of the quartz allows for greater adaptability for any type of energy storage. For the ritual of the tradesman, it is recommended to channel quintessence or fire energy into the stone.


For more information on how to perform the exact ritual this kit was designed for, please visit our shop to download the free Book of the Ancient's.


*The Way of the Ancients offers a reusable 6 oz glass bottle with secured cork stopper for the incense and salt used within The Book of the Ancient's kits. Each vial is filled to compacity and enough to complete 3-4 rituals. Each vial contains roughly .4 oz of resin beads. Some may appear fuller than others, depending on the size and type of pebbles used.


**Please use our products with caution and care. To prevent fire, never leave a candle or ignited item unattended. These items are not meant for children and should be kept out of reach at all times. None of the products in this kit should be ingested.


The Ritual of the Tradesman

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