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The Way of the Ancients' bookmark was designed by the High Priest Seth En-Saeur. The golden stave running down the center was created specifically to help aid the reader with focus and knowledge retention with any text they choose. Utilizing the ageless scripts of Ogham and Elder Futhark, you will have the Ancients by your side as you walk the path of enlightenment. 


The golden tassle will help you keep track of this sturdy bookmark, even in the thickest grimoires. We have also included a small bead of gold sheened obsidian. This rare stone will help ward off any negative energies or thoughts to help you focus on the task at hand. Even in a world of electronics and epub texts, The Way of the Ancients believes there is no substitute for a hard copy of a text to make it your own. We hope you enjoy not only this exclusive bookmark but the book of your choice, as well!

The Way of the Ancients' Exclusive Bookmark