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High quality incense burning charcoal offers a convenient way to burn resin incense for any spell. The compact tablet provides the fuel to activate the unique qualities within the resin. Once activated with fire, the charcoal and resin pebbles react together to form something new that will undoubtably increase the success of your spells.  


How to use:

  • Hold charcoal, perferably with long tongs or some type of protection to keep your fingers safe, and hold a lighter or match to the edges.
  • Once the edges begin to sparkle with life, place the charcoal on the burner. Allow it to smoke a little bit before the next step. 
  • Once the tablet is glowing, carefully drop a few pieces of resin into the center to release the properties into your area. 


Made in the UK

Size: 10 tablets per package. 40mm


CAUTION: Ensure burner is placed and remains on a heat resistant surface when in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave unattended for any period of time. 

Swift Light Charcoal Tabs