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The Way of the Ancients offers six unique resin incense blends. This kit includes a sample 4 oz glass bottle of each scent for you to try before buying our incense kit or refills. Each bottle is filled to the top and, depending on pour size, should last 3-5 rituals.


Incense included in kit:

Phoenix is a Fire based incense designed to inspire rebirth and manifestation. Think of the internal fire in your soul, then allowing it to flow through you freely. What would it say? What would do if you had no shackles of self-consciousness or past failures? This incense is best used for breaking patterns and discovering your inner drive.


Stillness is an Air based incense to instill clarity and sharpness of mind. With a gentle scent, this resin is Ideal for meditation and studying. Experience the gentle side of air, as your mind is able to put order to the environment around you. Breathe deep and embrace the subtle pleasures offered by stillness.


Seven Treasures is a Fire based incense to instill confidence and realization of desires. The slightly sweet and smokey mixture of the seven treasures will fill your sacred space with an inspiring mood that will be difficult to bring down by the most negative of energies. This incense will be most beneficial to burn before or during any business transactions or trade.


Tranquility is an Air based incense mixed to instill clear communication within and outside of yourself. Utilize the aspects of Mercury to carry information from one end of the universe to the other. You may think movement is required to complete communication of this magnitude. However, with the soft scent of tranquility, you will be able to increase your focus and intent to ensure your ideas are understood by all who will listen. This incense is ideal for meditation and before speeches or public speaking.


Tribute is a balanced resin of yin and yang to represent everything within and without. The small silver and gold pebbles of resin represent the riches involved in trade and contracts made with others. It would be most advantageous to use when amongst friends to stimulate good tidings and prosperity among all. Though most find this resin to aid in attracting wealth and deals to benefit both parties.


Spirit of Atlantis: The Way of the Ancient's house blend of resin incense used to instill a sense of community and home. This incense combines the unwavering stability of the earth, the enormous strength of the ocean, the life sustaining drive of fire, and the clear execution of air into one bottle to create an experience unlike any other. Once manifested, this incense is as versatile and balanced as the universe itself. The Spirit of Atlantis is best used before facing a great challenge.


**Please use our products with caution and care. To prevent fire, never leave a candle or ignited item unattended. These items are not meant for children and should be kept out of reach at all times. None of the products in this kit should be ingested.

Incense Sample Kit