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The purpose of this ritual is to summon your deity and sign a covenant that you have prepared using the previous rituals in this book. It is important to note at this point, it is highly discouraged to perform the binding ritual before successful completion of the prior rituals. As with signing any agreement or contract, this ritual will have long lasting effects over your mundane and magickal life. The Way of the Ancients recommends using our trained clergy to be the third party mediators during the ritual and signing. We offer covenant negotiations and signing services to help protect both parties involved.


Contents of Kit:

  • Black Cord
  • Customized Colored Candle (6 inch)
  • Tribute Incense (.4 oz)*
  • Hematite (1 Qty)


How to Use:

The contents of this kit represent the need for your quintessence and earth energy.


The black cord should be imbued with your own personal quintessence. Insuring your own energy is flowing through the cord will allow you full control over the bonds you create. This is important, as it will be used to wrap your covenant papers or some form of signature. It is your choice how you choose to bind the agreement between you and your chosen deity, however it is recommended to follow the direct advice of the Master of The Way of the Ancients aiding you with this process.


This kit offers you a choice to select your own color candle. It is suggested to perform the Ritual of Discernment to decide what color candle represents your covenant. The candle should not only reflect your own energy but that of your deity, as this will represent the bond between you. This candle should be burned during the full ritual.


The tribute incense is a mix of silver and gold to show an offering of good faith between you and your deity. The gold and silver pebbles represent prosperity and luck, bringing wealth to both parties. While they bring prosperity, they also play off each other as ying and yang. The gold, representing the life giving sun, and the moon, the feminine force that controls the tides. When you burn this resin, it can create a positive feedback loop as the two colors meld together as one. The mix has a strong scent that will linger in your sacred space for hours after the ritual, ensuring a successful ritual and offering. 


Hematite is an earth stone, which contains the yin properties of grounding. This stone is perfect for binding and holding spells together like a magnetic pull. Be sure to properly cleanse and meditate with the stone before use, as you do not want any foreign energies present during the ritual of binding. For greater effect, store the cord and stone together before performing the ritual. This will help create a sympathetic link between the two items, thus increasing their strength as a whole.



For more information on how to perform the exact ritual this kit was designed for, please visit our shop to download the free Book of the Ancient's.


*The Way of the Ancients offers a reusable 6 oz glass bottle with secured cork stopper for the incense and salt used within The Book of the Ancient's kits. Each vial is filled to compacity and enough to complete 3-4 rituals. Each vial contains roughly .4 oz of resin beads. Some may appear fuller than others, depending on the size and type of pebbles used. 


**Please use our products with caution and care. To prevent fire, never leave a candle or ignited item unattended. These items are not meant for children and should be kept out of reach at all times. None of the products in this kit should be ingested.

The Ritual of Binding

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