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The Annunciation Ritual Kit was created to help support the sixth ritual in The Book of the Ancients. 



Annunciation - The announcement of something momentous or foretold. This ritual is designed to announce to yourself, your ancestors and the universe your intent to form a covenant with your chosen deity.



The purpose of this ritual is to give due notice to all the forces in your life of your plan to form a covenant. This allows your spirit guides, other deities, and other spirits to offer up advice and vital information to help you make your decision. 


Contents of Kit:

  • Hand Bell (1 Qty)
  • Pomegranate Candle (6 inches)
  • Tranquility Incense (.4 oz)*
  • Chalcedony (1 Qty)

How to Use:

This kit is represented by the air needed to carry your voice in the Ritual of Annunciation.


The hand bell is used in many traditions to contact one's ancestors and it is much the case for this kit, as well. The hand bells can be used to help clear the space around you before and after the ritual or as a beacon for your ancestors to follow to you. Remember, this is a celebration and you want your positive intent to be shown to all your allies. Allow the vibrations to run through you and out of you, creating a connection with you, the bells, and your ancestors.


The crimson candle will assist you through stimulating the fires in your solar plexus chakra. Deep reds are not only said to subconsciously bring about passion and desires, but also to give the practitioner the drive to accomplish said desires. Use this candle before and during the ritual for best effect, as it will allow you to build up your confidence to complete the ritual and give your voice an echo of intent that will bounce off the walls at the farthest reaches of the universe. Allow the energy of the fire to coat your aura as you breathe in to passively absorb the qi into yourself during the ritual.


The tranquility incense in this kit is a special blend hand picked by The Way of the Ancient's High Priest, Seth En-Saeur. The intent is to help promote a calm and clear mind while performing The Ritual of Annunciation. Your message must be concise as you send it into the universe. With a subtle scent, this incense will allow you to maintain balanced while performing even the most intimidating rituals.


The last item in this kit is chalcedony, a light blue stone with small waves running through its geometry. While it is capable of clearing out negative energy, this stone is best used to help amplify your throat chakra's energy production to achieve the Ritual of Annunciation successfully. It is suggested, as with all tools, to meditate with the stone before using it in this ritual to ensure it aligns with your energetic vibration.


For more information on how to perform the exact ritual this kit was designed for, please visit our shop to download the free Book of the Ancient's.


*The Way of the Ancients offers a reusable 6 oz glass bottle with secured cork stopper for the incense and salt used within The Book of the Ancient's kits. Each vial is filled to compacity and enough to complete 3-4 rituals. Each vial contains roughly .4 oz of resin beads. Some may appear fuller than others, depending on the size and type of pebbles used.


**Please use our products with caution and care. To prevent fire, never leave a candle or ignited item unattended. The blade included in this kit is sheathed and slightly dulled for your protection. These items are not meant for children and should be kept out of reach at all times. None of the products in this kit should be ingested.

The Ritual of Annunciation

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