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The Way of the Ancients is LIVE!

Welcome to The Way of the Ancients! We are excited you have come to our website and look forward to getting to know you better!

Have a look around and check out our services and membership plans. Don't see what you're looking for? Just send us a request for a quote and our staff will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Please also take a second to fill out our release form, which must be completed before any services or products are provided.

Oh, did we mention our staff? We have full biographies and pictures of the amazing boons they can provide. The Way of the Ancients has three levels of staff; Neophyte, Adept, and Master to meet any service needs you might have, and any budget. We hope you'll get to know each of our staff and become a part of The Way of the Ancients' community.

Still not what you're looking for? Well, not to worry, our store is full of products fit for newcomers and seasoned practitioners! There, you'll be able to create customized wands and rune sets, as well as purchase pre-made kits and refills for your altar. Money Magick hasn't taken off yet? We've got you covered! Check out our free book, The Book of the Ancients, in the store as a free download. It is our hope this introductory book will help millions of practitioners find what they are looking for in the occult.

A few more things to take with you, traveler, before you set off on your trek browsing through our new website! Our resources section offers a handy lexicon with definitions and terms commonly used on the website to describe our services and skill levels. And if you find you don't want to take this trek alone, you'll find a list of The Way of the Ancients' allied Gods and Goddesses that you can create a covenant with if you so desire.

Well, that's it! Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope to see you at our seminars and events throughout the year. Make sure to sign up to receive updates on new services, products, and boons.


The Way of the Ancients' staff

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