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The Beginning

I’m not sure where to begin with this whole blog, and so I guess it only makes sense to start at the beginning. The idea of The Way of the Ancients started with a simple observation: something was not right in the occult community. I had been in the community for so long that I, like many others, had accepted that the innate divide and factionalism was inherent to the occult. I started to question that assumption, or rather learned behavior.

One of the main divides I found was the experiences with deities and spirits. A vast divide exists between many of the different paradigms. Some report that entities were inherently hostile and they needed classical methods of protection, others have beneficial encounters only, some have guardian spirits or guides, and yet others are left on their own.

I was plagued by spiritual attacks from a very young age and yet seemingly without a guardian angel or guide to help me protect myself. I first turned to prayer and Catholicism to help me, but that was unsuccessful. Then I turned to studying the occult and was even more surprised that not only was I not alone, but mysteriously, my masters or teachers were recommending me to seek out other spirits and deities for protection. When I would seek the gods or spirits out, invariably, my problems would become worse. I tried sacrifices, I tried charms, I tried energy work, I tried guide rituals and, despite being legitimate skills with ways to solve other problems, nothing worked with deities or spirits. Every time I had to defend myself against whatever entity I was attempting to interact with. Then one day I was reading my bible and came upon the reference of covenants with the Jewish Patriarchs.

Fast forward many years ahead, and even more failed attempts, and the idea for how to solve the deity problem was tested and passed with flying colors.

My idea on how to help those who have no guardian spirits, and no divine patron……the Way of the Ancients was born. So to put it simply, what is the Way of the Ancients? The Way of the Ancients is a group of people who come together and sign onto a working thaumaturgical covenant with gods of their choice. We agree on a set of rules, and so do our gods. This paves the way to successful relationships without abuse, and without having to become a full classically trained ceremonial magician. This also enhances the relationships of those intuitives or blessed ones with guides or friendly relationships with gods and spirits already as it allows them to learn and draw upon traditions our ancestors used for the same purpose and build a community of likeminded practicioners.

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