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  • Divination - the process of reading signs and omens to determine the future.

  •  Reiki - The manipulation of personal qi to effect change and healing in the physical and emotional body.

  •  Feng shui - The manipulation of environmental qi to effect change in your life through strategic activation and deactivation of certain points of your home and property.

  •  Banishing - The expulsion or cleaning of your local physical and astral space through energy.

  •  Spells - The manipulation of the physical or spiritual world through the principles of sympathetic and energetic resonance to achieve a desired effect.

  •  Deities/gods - Beings which exist both in the outside world and in the realm of the mind and are archetypical and universal. 

  •  Blessings - Minor divine spell work blessed through an approved and covenanted deity/medium combo.




  •  Wands - A magical device which focuses and channels energy for a specific purpose.

  •  Runes - An alphabet used in an occult way to achieve a magical outcome. Usually divination or spell work originating from Nordic countries.

  •  Ogham - An alphabet originating from Ireland usually used for divination or spell work.




Community Terms:

  •  Chakra - A part of the basic emotional energy system that all humans possess.

  •  Meridian - A part of the basic physical energy system that all humans possess.

  •  Dan tian - A central nexus of energy generation in the physical body.

  •  Magick - The process of effecting change through non-linear causation.

  •  Occult - Hidden or protected secrets.

  • Neophyte - The first stage of training, The Neophyte is our most versatile level as it can contain anywhere from total beginners to old ex armchair practitioners. It is not indicative of time spent studying but rather of the grasping of basic principles of magick and beginning to execute them reliably. Each Neophyte who you will have access to here has earned at least a 55% rate of success of casting. It is important you read the reviews or visit with the Neophyte in question so you can evaluate their skills for yourself and match your style to theirs. 

  • Adept - The second stage of training, The Adept has mastered the basic principles and seeks to implement them through their own paradigm and code of values. These Adepts have mastered at least a 70% chance of success at casting and are the emissaries of the The Way to others temples. Each is an accomplished practitioner in their own choice of field, as well as well rounded in mastery of all the basics.

  • Master - The last stage of formal training, the Master practitioner's rank is not conveyed lightly and is even more difficult to obtain. There is little a master practitioner of The Way cannot accomplish given time and planning. That said, not all things are possible for all people at all times and there is always a risk of failure. We are not gods, nor do we pretend to be.

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