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Cult Identification Chart

Part of a Cult's function is to destroy the individual's support network or introduce conditioning, which forces them to destroy their own support network and replace it with the Cult. Below is a comprehensive list of warning signs to help identify if you are someone you know is possibly involved with a cult type organization. 


If you, or someone you know, is experiencing suicidal thoughts or you believe harmful cult activities are present, please contact your local authorities or a  

What are the Red Flags within an

Part of a Cults function is to destabilize the individual and make them question themselves, take away their personal power or will to individuality, and replace it with the will of the Cult.

Red flags within the individual:

  • Unexplained fatigue, or strange patterns of fatigue.

  • Nightmares.

  • Night terrors.

  • Insomnia.

  • Memory loss.

  • Emotional instability.

  • Mental instability or conditioning.

  • Destructive or self abusive behavioral patterns.

  • Changes in ability to emotionally connect to family, children or partner(s).

  • Breaking down of friendships.

  • Sudden bouts of hot, cold or pins and needles with no explanation.

  • Sudden and/or lasting pain in areas with no explanation.

  • Stabbing feelings on the head or around the body with no explanation.

  • Strange pressures with no explanation.

  • Lasting illness with no explanation.

  • A feeling of being harassed.

  • Unexplained feelings of paranoia.

  • A feeling of being trapped or bound.

  • General sustained misfortune, especially within life activities outside the cult.

  • Loss of interest or apathy in personal hobbies.

  • Feelings of being alone or isolated.

  • A feeling that life would be worse outside of the cult.

  • A feeling of never being good enough, or like everything done towards the cult is never good enough.

  • A need to seek approval within the cult and never having it returned.

  • A feeling of being strung along constantly with no return.

  • Financial abuse or slow sapping of finances with no return.

  • A feeling of being unable to talk about any of it.

Red flags within the leadership:

  • Promising apotheosis or ascension.

  • Deliberately obscure or misleading conversational tactics.

  • Strong promotion of a particular deity.

  • Strong promotion of self, worship of personality.

  • Claiming to be a ‘vessel’ for a God/Goddess.

  • Generally abusive or aggressive behavior.

  • Lying or having a disjointed explanation for unfortunate happenings.

  • Discouragement of protective practices, i.e banishing, circles, cleansing.

  • Emotional instability or quick to anger if events happen within the cult without their knowledge.

  • Subject to sudden energy highs and lows.

  • General spreading of misinformation.

  • Gaslighting behaviors.

  • Throwing pity parties for themselves or sustaining a “woe is me” attitude.

  • Attention seeking behaviors.

  • Lack of empathy.

  • Lack of respect.

  • Fear mongering.

  • Covertly encouraging antagonistic relationships between members or purposefully generating competition.

  • Creating a common enemy to hate.

  • Creating a sense of exceptionalism

  • Promotion of death and destruction, and how to be a martyr.

  • Outright refusal of medical care and access to it.

  • Refusal of a constructive criticism and discussion about anything.

  • Banning of books or other material to members.

  • Denouncing outside sources of information.

What are the Red Flags within the

Part of a Cults function is to divert all attention and resources of the individual to supporting the leadership or higher ranking officials and deities ruling the Cult.

What are the Red Flags within the

Part of a Cults function is to destroy the individuals support network, or introduce conditioning which forces the individual to destroy their own support network and replace it with the Cult for total dependency.

Red flags within the group:

  • Joining for ‘free’ or seemingly no price for joining.

  • New recruits must subjugate under a God if they wish to join.

  • People who push really hard to invoke certain entities.

  • Sigil worship.

  • Self initiation guides.

  • Refusal of a constructive criticism and discussion about anything.

  • A controlling or oppressive group atmosphere.

  • Forced Family titles like Brother or Sister or Father (frater, soror, pater).

  • Feelings of superiority to those outside of the cult.

  • Dehumanization of those outside the cult.

  • Suicide pacts.

  • Delusional members.

  • ‘Weaker’ members of the group singled out.

  • ‘Stronger’ members of the group worshipped or put on pedestal.

  • Moral tunnel vision or the only moral code is the group code.

  • Members who speak out mysteriously disappearing, and then having weird reasons explaining it away.

  • Sabotage of personal life.

  • Homophobia/transphobia.

  • Misogyny or hatred of females.

  • Misandry or hatred of males (In Lilith cults especially).

  • Sexual abuse, i.e rape, pedophilia, harems.

Red flags within the home:

  • The people in the home get sick, or may have allergic reactions such as hives when touched.

  • The plants may get sick or struggle with parasites and fungal infections despite the level of care they receive.

  • Animals are unsettled or constantly seeking comfort, exhibiting unusually aggressive or guarding behaviour.

  • A general feeling of uneasiness within the household.

  • A feeling like something is watching.

  • Shadows moving around or movement in the periphery.

  • A feeling like something is bearing down constantly.

  • Strange electrical blips or interference.

  • Spots of hot or cold.

  • House is gloomy despite lighting.

  • Home environment feels oppressive or heavy specifically in rooms dedicated to practise, deities or the cult.

  • Higher levels of frustration or argumentative behaviour within the household.

  • Other family members pointing out changes in behaviour or personality.

  • Other family members having issues with sleep, sustained nightmares or night terrors.

What are the Red Flags within the

The effects of being in a cult do not simply occur in the person, they spread tendrils through everything that makes up that persons eco-system,

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