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  • Name: Cain​

  • Rank: Adept

  • Member of the Way of the Ancients since: December 17, 2017


Cain was introduced to the occult in 2010 and has been actively apprenticed under Seth since 2011. His interested was initially spurred by his focus on psychological hypnosis, as he researched its origins and history, following the practice's development beyond the supposed origins in mere mesmerism. He followed it further, to Egypt and the sleep temple practices of old. Interacting with Seth, Cain gradually grew into accepting the existence of the occult, from the smaller proofs of low magic and the statistically implausible to the eventual contact with and conflict with malicious spirits and demonic entities.


In the early days, his focus being mostly academic, Cain studied divination using tarot, and the occult applications of hypnotic trance including past life regressions. Since then, he has expanded his interests into a wide variety of occult practices, including the practical arts of wards and banishment, the essential skills of astral battle and enchantment, and assorted other magicks both high and low.

In 2015, Cain gained the title of Seth's Inheritor, becoming his principle apprentice. Thus, when Seth decided to found the Way of the Ancients it was natural that Cain would follow. This momentous movement he sees as a means to empower mankind anew and restore a balance long disturbed. A way to make it so that people do not necessarily need live in fear of the things that go bump in the night. A means to make it so that the unwitting do not need to remain food to the malicious spiritual leeches that assail them.


Above all, the Way of the Ancients represents an arc to Cain. It is the collective treasure trove of the knowledgeable and experienced, those who stand to serve as mediators between humans and the divine and open routes of communication long left silent. Humans do not need to live in fear and be purely subject to fate. They can grow beyond their resentment and beginning lot in life, if they but open their eyes to see the path. That is his goal, for Cain would see humanity flourish anew.


The most helpful of all services, Cain has banished daily before and after his workings in his own practice for years. In addition, he has banished homes, offices, and even battlefields of unwanted influence. Past traumas that scar the space, cruel spirits who prowl about gorging upon human energy, and the aftermath of the adoption of a false god - each has been banished successfully by Cain, as have been many other lingering and unwelcome influences. Regular banishing is advised, and tools can be provided or advice given on how they can be acquired, in order to allow client's to trigger the banishing effect.  A clean space promotes a healthy mind and helps to keep all your systems, be they mystical or mundane, running smoothly.

Chakra/Dan Tian Scans

Having spent years developing his own chakra system, Cain has also scanned others and aided in their growth. Cain has helped both in generation of new systems and in recovery in cases of damage and abuse. Blockages have been identified and faced, lost energy stores repaired, and systems refreshed. Should you seek this consultation, please be sure follow the advice and diagnostics when provided, as systems are subjected to emotional and environmental stimuli and prone to change if too much time passes before implementing treatment.


One of the origins of Cain's interest in Magick, and a method he has refined over the years. His fascination with the cards has led him to divine on business opportunities, difficult life decisions, upcoming themes and lessons, and even information upon upcoming and sources of spiritual attacks. In addition to the tarot, Cain has made use of bibliomancy regularly, when questions are more suited for answers found in scripture or applicable books on the subject. These questions either revolve around the will of the divine, seek advice on a more material and specific level, or, occasionally, consist of a simple yes or no question that need a little flavor surrounding the situation. Both flavors of the art have served him well, and he now offers to share the fruit of his studies with you, by divining upon your queries, concerns, and future.


Naturally through his journey into the occult, Cain was intrigued by the idea that spiritual energies and spells could be stored in items. From his beginnings of storing simple spells in stone for later use, Cain has learned to enchant tools for purpose and in accordance with their natures. Forged enchantments Cain has made include objects enchanted to: Shield the bearer from energy and astral assaults, Serve as astral weaponry, Enhance the bearer's good luck, Pass by spiritual predators unnoticed, Draw new opportunities, and many others all crafted with purpose and care. If you have a goal in mind, or some skills you would see developed, a tool crafted with careful eye and to bring about your vision will always be good to acquire.


Cain's experience with healing began with his undergoing treatment, after some especially violent trauma destroyed his energy system. After he was treated, he made sure to study the art in order to be able to provide the same sense of relief he felt as he had recovered to others. Cain has removed spiritual parasites, repaired damage from astral assaults, and cleansed systems of foreign influence, be it from an entity or the environment. If you feel troubled, wounded, or drained, then some healing may well be what you need.


Cain has made offerings to multiple spiritual entities, both deity and natural spirit alike. Whether it be for their aid in a stated goal, an appeasement to right previous wrongs, or a general seeking of their favors or protections, these offerings can serve to bring a closer connection between the two parties. Friendships, business partnerships, or peaceful neighbors can be established by such offerings, and now these gifts can be offered as if by your hand, that you may reap the benefits such connections can provide.


A service of vital importance, some of Cain's first lessons in his journey consisted of how to properly formulate defenses that could withstand outside assault. He was fortunate enough to prove he had a knack for it and it is now arguably his most successful and consistently useful skill. Cain's shields have been tested and able to withstand brutal assaults from malicious nature spirits, angels, demons, and even entities beyond such descriptions. Boundaries can be set and established, more permanent fixtures put in place, and your homes, places of work, or person can be defended.


Sigils are one of the most versatile arts in Cain's arsenal. He has crafted sigils to create or enhance shields, control or fire weaponry, lock items spiritually, mislead and confuse would-be predators and assailants, establish his dominion, and, in a more general sense, bring about changes he would see wrought upon the world. Such is the nature of sigil creation - it is a tool that can be applied to almost any situation, goal or desire. Thus, if you seek an always applicable aid on your journey towards the purpose you seek, a sigil to that end may be just what you desire.

Spell craft

Cain's spells have been repeatedly proven effective at accomplishing their aim. His works have included attraction of fortune over long periods of time, successful job hunts, ease of transitions both physical and spiritual, balancing of accounts, and other such matters requiring more than a single tool. Should you have a complex or multi step goals in mind, custom spell work is the way to go, as they can encompass use of other tools for the greater purpose of achieving the end in mind.

Volunteer Hours:

  • Monday - 9:30pm-11pm EST

  • Tuesday - 9:30pm-11pm EST

  • Wednesday - N/A

  • Thursday - 9:30pm-11pm EST

  • Friday - N/A

  • Saturday - 10am-12pm EST

  • Sunday - 10am-112pm EST

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