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Business Testimonials

When my business staff started reporting that crucial objects would disappear on them, electronics were acting up and even started seeing shadow people during their shifts, I dismissed it as bad luck and stress. What I didn’t know was that things were going to get worse. My staff started to get very sick, one even suffering a severe panic attack during the middle of the day. A friend recommended Seth to me, and while I was initially quite skeptical….it became apparent that he knew his business. I gave him the key to my shop and he stayed overnight there. Whatever he did, it worked. All the paranormal events stopped and my staff recovered within 24 hours. I’ve never received any further contact from anyone about this incident. Besides Seth’s professionalism, I highly recommend Seth for his discretion. He is what he says he is and that is a rare thing in any world.

 - Anonymous Business Owner, Client

During Covid my business was one that was shuttered by order of the City. When businesses were allowed to re-open, I was horrified as my cash flow had completely stopped and even my regulars stopped coming all together. I was given Seth’s contact information by a friend, and after working out a creative profit share agreement (since I was low on cash), he got to work with his financial magick. Immediately over the course of the next ten days my clients started returning, and using his financial sorcery my field was exempted from the next shut down order. Currently my business is flourishing and I have only Seth to thank for it. I would recommend Seth to anyone should they ever run into desperate straights like I was as Seth has proven to be both a man of his word and of exceedingly high discretion.

 - Anonymous Business Owner, Client

I had unexplainable things happening at my psychic business. It started off as innocent at first and my staff wrote it off as their Angelic guides being mischievous or perhaps a local ghost playing innocent tricks, but when one of my mediums began to show signs of possession, I started getting local pastors involved. Unfortunately, none of them were able to exorcise her or do much beyond pray with her. I was reluctant to call on Seth as his energy had a certain feel about it, but I’m glad I did. He managed to handle the exorcism, save my medium and put the rest of my staff at ease by setting up his defenses. We haven’t had a problem in years. I would say to those who need protection, Seth offers some of the best work I’ve ever seen.

 - Anonymous Business Owner, Client

I was reluctant to use magic in my business as I didn’t believe in that sort of thing but the crisis of ’08 forced my hand. My sales team couldn’t land a deal to save their lives, it seemed like whatever we did would fall apart at the last second. I received Seth’s contact information from a friend at the Chamber of Commerce when I told him how bizarre my circumstances were. I figured why not try it, nothing else seemed to help. When I met Seth, I was even more skeptical due to his genial nature and no-nonsense speak about magic being real. We came to an agreement on price and he proceeded to rearrange the furniture in the office. He said the flow of energy was not good, and just by tweaking the flow and which sections of the office we used that we could turn our business around. He also set up a small wealth corner in each cubicle and in my office. The very next week our salesmen were closing deals again. We follow his instructions to this very day and our business has expanded ten fold from our best days even before ‘08. I would suggest to anyone unsure of magic and in need of help: try one of Seth’s business services and see how it changes your business’ bottom line. His prices are high, but the rewards are worth it.

 - Anonymous Business Owner, Client

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