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  • Name: Asphodel​

  • Rank: Neophyte

  • Member of the Way of the Ancients since: July 2018


Asphodel has been interested in the occult from the time she was a child, but didn’t quite feel she belonged until finding The Way. She has been practicing magick seriously for 5 years, and works to enrich the community through her art, her Hellenic faith, and counseling in varying areas of life, including forming lasting and enriching relationships with Deities. 

Asphodel started practicing when she felt she needed to exact more control over her destiny, since then she has been working hard to better herself, and enact more of her will into her daily practice in order to further her goals

Asphodel first ran into Seth on an occult discord server, which then resulted in a friendship between the two after she felt she could learn more about the occult from someone without a predatory nature, like she was used to in the past. Due to this, it led to her joining the Way and committing herself to the betterment of herself and her fellow students. She has been a member of the Way since July of 2018.

Asphodel firmly believes that magick, like therapy, can be the catalyst to change people’s lives in a positive and transformative way. The road was not always easy, but she believes that with enough perseverance and passion, anything is possible.


The process of reading symbolism and signs to determine certain aspects of the past, present, and future. Tarot card reading using up to ten cards, Oracle card reading of up to five cards, or a combination of both depending on complexity of the issue at hand. Bibliomancy, or Greek oracle reading is also an option for less complicated readings.  Reading will include a written report for your continued reference. Reports will be written and delivered in no longer than 3 days time. 


The act of presenting a prayer, sacrifice, or combination thereof to a deity. Offerings will be made on the client’s behalf for certain blessings from the god(dess) of their choice. All offerings will be tailored to the deity or deities in question, and made with utmost sincerity and respect. Some offerings, with respect to sacred days, may take up to two weeks to complete. The practitioner reserves the right to reject offerings to deities they do not mesh with or approve of. The practitioner will bear no consequences for granted wishes or poorly worded intentions. No expectation of harm will be made in regards to living creatures during the offering, or as a result of the petition made. 

Volunteer Hours:

  • Monday: 11am-7pm EST

  • Tuesday: 11am-7pm EST

  • Wednesday: 11am-7pm EST

  • Thursday: 11am-7pm EST

  • Friday: 11am-7pm EST

  • Saturday: 11am-7pm EST

  • Sunday: 11am-7pm EST

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