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  • Name: Amaris​

  • Rank: Neophyte

  • Member of the Way of the Ancients since: April, 1, 2019


Amaris has been in the occult for 15 years. Her introduction to the occult was sadly all too similar to that of a cult. Magick was treated like a drug and sold as such, which started her off on a very dark path. Although she learned a lot about life, human nature, and magick as it should not be treated, it took a tole and isolated Amaris from other healthy practitioners. She stuck with magick, though, unsure if it was because she was addicted or hope she would find the answers she was seeking. 


At the beginning, her main focus in the earlier years was elemental work and aura manipulation. While many other passions came and went, her love for magick remained as she went from school to school to learn different cultures and practices. After a while, however, the magick community became noticeably more hostile. At this point, she focused more on self teaching rather than being directly apart of the occult community.

In 2019, she met Seth through another apprentice. After a month, she joined the Way and re-sparked her love for magick. She learned more from the Way in a year than she had in her prior 14 years of studying. Her interests began to develop in directions they had not done before. She became skilled in sigil construction, spell craft, alchemy, and enchanting. Banishing and protection, arguably the most important skills and hardly ever taught correctly or without malice, were taught as the first two techniques when she joined the Way. 

With her hope and passion restored through the Way of the Ancients and it's teachers, Amaris decided to offer her support in growing the church. There have been many failings on the path but nothing that was irreversible. It is her belief that the Way of the Ancients will be able to turn the occult community around in a meaningful way. 


Amaris is proficient in banishing on both the mental, astral, and physical layers. She has many tools at her disposal, including but not limited to the picture shown. She is capable of sensing and assessing the area, as well as the type of foreign or harmful energy. This allows her to efficiently choose the proper method for banishing. 

With her own enchanted tools, Amaris is able to banish a wide array of different energies. As a Neophyte, she can remove anything from stagnant energy to corruption build ups from spirits or humans. At this time, she is unable to reliably remove demonic or angelic energy. 

Chakra/Dan Tian Scans

Amaris is able to scan both the Dan Tians and Chakras of a human being. Her ability to sense the four platonic elemental energies, as well as the five elements allow her to sense on both the astral and physical plans. Not only is she able to sense a system, Amaris is also proficient in tarot. Utilizing this technique and combining it with sensing, she is able to gather a helpful information about a system's make up and offer advice on how to balance out any discrepancies. 


Amaris has been practicing divination for almost two years. Her favorite and most intuitive deck is the Wildwood tarot which offers beautiful and intuitive art to read almost any situation. As auxiliary help for any reading, she uses two oracle decks to fill in any blanks. For long term readings, Amaris has found I Ching and runes are superior in capturing the everchanging flow of the future. Please feel free to select any tool you wish to use when requesting a reading! 


Amaris has been enchanting her own items for a year. While her expertise falls mostly with wood and stone objects, she has experience with paper, metal, glass, and liquid (ink, perfume, etc.). The enchantments provided by Amaris are guaranteed to last roughly 6 months and even longer if properly maintained by the user. 


Amaris has been creating successful sigils for a year and a half. Her style is mostly geometric and clean to avoid clutter or stagnant energy build up. While she is willing and able to include any paradigm into a sigil, her fortes are runes, ogham, and alchemy. 

The ink and writing instrument are enchanted to insure the sigil's longevity and intent are pure. Amaris also uses incense to keep the space clean for any and all sigil work to avoid cross contamination with other spell work. 

Spell Craft

Spell craft utilizes sigils, astral and physical energies, and material props. With these three tools, the intent of the spell will be cast into the universe to increase the chance of success and manifestation of said goal. Amaris' spell experience and success includes job security, manifesting discounts, manifesting illusions, and light money magick. This service can take up to 5 day preparation depending on the complexity of the spell. Expedited order are accepted. 

Ward Construction

This service offers customized wards and defenses designed specifically to your needs. All of Amaris' wards offer multielement constructs and grids to increase your ward's efficiency and longevity. She is experienced in creating passive absorption batteries, so your home protection system will require little maintenance. 

Volunteer Hours:

  • Monday - 6pm-11pm EST

  • Tuesday - 9pm-11pm EST

  • Wednesday - N/A

  • Thursday - 6pm-11pm EST

  • Friday - N/A

  • Saturday - 9am-10pm EST

  • Sunday - 9am-10pm EST

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